Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ah, to be a teacher...

Some days you just have to laugh...

In Social Studies we are learning about Productive Resources (Capital, Natural, and Human).  So, the kiddos were to draw an example of each type of resource.  
Gotta love second grade boys.  This is the epitome of humor!
It did make me giggle.

I hope your week is productive!  :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I (not so )secretly admire...

Oh my goodness!  It was really hard to choose just one, there are soooooo many wonderful bloggers out there!
I am lucky enough to have met the amazing blogger that I "not so secretly" admire.
What's more, we share the same first name!
The blogger that I "secretly admire" is Hilary Lewis from Rockin' Teacher Materials.  Have you been to her blog?  It is AMAZING!


I was lucky enough to meet Hilary last summer for a Blogger get together in Indiana.  I was a little star struck I must say!  
So, when I signed up for this fun blog hop, I got to try out one of Hilary's products that she so generously donated!  

Click on the picture to see the preview of this amazing product!

I don't know about your kiddos, but mine ADORE Minecraft.  When I set up this product to use in my classroom, the kiddos were instantly interested and willing to listen to anything I had to say in order to get their hands on the materials!

Hilary included instructions on how she set this up as a center in her classroom.  I generally teach writing in a Workshop format, but it was soooo easy to adapt to my needs.  This product provides everything that the kiddos need to write an awesome Minecraft adventure.  
Here you can see how it worked in my classroom.  This product comes with a "Create A Story" list to help walk the kiddos through the process.  I left this page up on the Elmo on the days that we worked on our stories.  
I had everything on our front table.  The kiddos started on the left and worked their way to the right.  1st, they chose a background paper.  Then, they chose one item randomly out of each of the category bags: People, Food, Animals, Blocks, Items, and Tools.  Then, they went and cut out the pictures that they chose to glue onto their colored background.  
Next, they took a blank page and wrote their story.  Then, they used their editing checklists to check through their own stories.  When they had checked their own stories, I did a little final editing.  Then, they wrote their stories on their colored pictures.  Last, but not least they shared their stories with the class.  This motivated even my most unmotivated of writers!  I was so impressed with how well they did and how excited they got!  I has one kiddo who hates to write asking "Are we going to work on our Minecraft stories today?"  It was writing magic!  

This little guy loved his picture so much he didn't want
to put it away while he was writing his story!

A few of our final products!
This kiddo wanted to draw his own background!
My girls even got really excited about this writing project!

Click on the picture to take you to Hilary's store!

Monday, April 7, 2014

If you give a kid a meter stick...

Even though I missed the meet up (which still makes me very sad!) I was inspired by the Spring Teacher Blogger Meet-up Blog Hop!  to try to find something blog worthy everyday in my classroom.  

I found several today!  I was so tickled by how much fun my kiddos had with their measuring tools I just had to share! Aren't they adorable?  The words in the though bubbles are actual quotes from today!  
My goodness!  It always amazes me what gets kids these days excited!  (I sound like an old fogey don't i?) Today we got out the meter sticks and did some serious measuring around the room.  Not only did we bust out the meter sticks, but we also had out rulers and tape measures!  Nothing in the room today went unmeasured! It was a blast! What did you do today?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently!

Time flies when you are having fun right?  April is here already!  At least I am on Spring Break!  My boys have forgotten that today is April fool's Day!  I may have to remind them soon!  ;)

We really try to limit the amount of screen time that our boys have, but it is Spring Break!
I was browsing through my store today and some of my products need a face lift!
I am WAY over winter!  We had a 65 degree day yesterday, but today we are back to 35 degrees!  I need some Spring in my Spring Break!
Our school day officially starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:35.  
We have had 7 snow days this  year, so our last day isn't until June 11th.  Ugh...
So, what are you currently up to?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indiana Teaching Bloggers one day, $1 sale!

Wow!  This is the weekend for sales!  Not only is my entire store on sale for 20%, my best sellers : Commas to the Rescue, Noun Ninjas and Weekly Reading Response Journals are $1 today only!  Keep reading to see what other amazing dollar deals you can snag!  

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